Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of the instructional program and essential for maximum learning.  Well-designed homework assignments will assist students in mastering the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and will increase academic achievement.  Appropriate activities may include additional skill practice, projects, reports, and other activities necessary for mastery of objectives.

Homework shall be assigned for the following purposes:

1.  Practice assignments shall be assignments at the students’ independent levels that reinforce skills and learning after classroom instruction has occurred.

2.   Preparation assignments shall be assignments at the students’ independent levels that give students background data before topics are introduced in the classroom.

3.   Extension and creativity assignments shall be assignments that allow the students to progress beyond the regular coursework, that are individualized as much as possible, and that encourage the use of higher-level thinking skills.

  • Homework assigned in Math, Reading, Science and History, as needed.  Electives may also assign homework, as needed, to ensure reinforcement and ensure skills are maintained.
  • Although some homework may be started in class, the intent is for students to practice skills at home.

For further clarification of homework assignments, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

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Homework Policy